Saturday, November 17, 2018

Bikers Show Support For Bullied 11-Year-Old

Mustang, Oklahoma, USA  (November 16, 2018) -- A Mustang boy was having a tough time at school with bullies, until some even tougher bikers showed up to let him know it’s OK to be himself. A few dozen bikers rode to the 11-year-old’s school, met up with him in front of all the other kids and gave him a ride home.

John McBride all happy

This case of bullying hits extra close to these bikers’ hearts. John McBride is bullied because he likes to wear a leather biker jacket.

"A lot of people were saying, ‘Hey, do you think you're some big biker?’ And they were just making a lot of fun of me,” said John. After he saw the bikes, the leather jackets just like his and the people that were there for him, he said, “To get picked up. And that this is just so cool, that I have people that can care for me enough to have this all happen.”

"When we heard this story, little kid like that, you know we gotta [sic] step up,” said Kevin Blake with Ride Oklahoma Charities.

“Do what we gotta [sic] do. Show love and support for these people,” continued Blake.

John’s mother was left speechless by the support.

“This is really awesome, huh? This is something else. It's a beautiful thing. Beautiful people,” Laura Moon said choking back tears.

"His whole life he's never been afraid to be himself. So, I was kinda [sic] struck when he said that he was being bullied, and that it actually bothered him. And he wanted a new coat. But I think we changed his mind. I think he decided to stay himself, which is awesome. Couldn't get any better,” said Moon.

"This didn't make his day. It made his year,” said Blake.

“He's going to be a whole different person after today. He knows he has people behind him supporting him,” he said.

News 9 asked John what the jacket means to him now.

“It means I'm a big biker that can have friends always by my side,” he answered.